Hey all,

Todays post is about using Youtube to advertise eBooks. I came to the conclusion that most kids and even adults are constantly watching videos on you tube, either directly from the youtube channel or app but also through videos on FaceBook linking them to youtube.

YouTube is the best video-sharing system which people can locate online, and the brilliant part is that you can upload any kind of video for free and acquire more popularity and traffic to your book sales page.

So with this in mind I decided to create a video of a reading of the first book in my series ‘Around the world adventures of Max & Jack FRANCE’ which can be downloaded free here or find the other books for sale here.

Here is the video I created, and it was so simple I used a voice recorder app on my iPhone 5s called Audio memos, and used Wondershare video editor app on my macBook pro.

Hope you enjoy it too and feel free to share the love and the video 🙂

Stay tuned for my next post in the next few days about my next tactic SLIDESHARE.

Ciao for now.