Necessary changes to blog and campaign using fiverr

I conducted some research and came around this awesome sight called fiverr, many of you may know and possibly use this sight already. It’s awesome! There are thousands of people willing to do jobs you request (gigs) for just five dollars. For example if you need a website overview by someone random simply search gigs available pick which one you like pay $5 and get the gig delivered to your email address.

I did this for my blog website and the person that reviewed mine gave me a lot of helpful advise to help make my website more reachable and appealing.


Another helpful hint that he gave me is when I’m advertising my books, rather than just posting a picture I’ve created for the cover, that I should turn it into a 3d book cover to look more intriguing to potential customers. Again he suggested that I get it done using fiverr but little creative old me decided to learn how to do it myself and it was surprisingly easy.

I found an awesome tutorial on YouTube that shows you exactly what to do

How to Make an Excellent 3D Book Cover in Photoshop

And here’s the difference – effective huh

coverFRANCE 3D

I’ve also done a little housecleaning and organising of my blog just to make it easier to access and added a page about me the author.

That’s all for today folks


satisfaction survey

G’Day all,

Sorry again for the delay I will try my best not to let this keep happening.

Well for the past few days I have been researching for people that conduct free reviews of eBooks and was quite blown away with what I found I have started with this site that I found which listed at least 80 different people that have offered to do free reviews. You can find that website here.

I then created a checklist ( as a I really love checklists hehe ) which you can download a template for here. The list pretty much leaves room to fill in

# Name of reviewer

# Contact info (email or twitter name)

# Date contacted

# Yes/ No (are they going to review)

# Date review posted

I then contacted them by adding a cover letter explaining more about the book and my cause for the book as well as sending them pdf and mobi versions of the book.


I also want to take this chance for anyone else to review my book by perhaps maybe putting the review on your blog or my twitter @3mily_86 or my facebook page here.

My next plan of action is to find and start a FREE online marketing course so that I can get all the help I can to start selling my books as what Im doing so far doesn’t seem to be working.

Well thats all folks




Hey all,

Sorry I haven’t posted for over a week but Im here now, in case you haven’t guessed I absolutely love minions, so I decided to draw up a mix of two things I love ‘minions’ and Max & Jack. I thought they would help in the Marketing campaign of my books and to be honest any excuse to draw is good by me :).

In the past week I have also been working on my Business and Marketing Plan which as of 8am this morning after waking up at 5:30am and consuming 2 coffees I finished typing up. What I have also done is created a BUSINESS PLAN TEMPLATE for you to download with no strings attached so that you may use it to get a clearer picture of where you are heading with your own self publishing journey or any other business you may be starting or thinking of starting.

In all honestly preparing my business plan gave me a chance to really think clearly about what I want with my books and allowed me to set specific goals, and whenever I am feeling a lack of inspiration or motivation I now simply just have to re-read my business plan to get the spark back again.

My business plan is bound to change or “upgrade” as i start achieving some of the goals I have set for myself, but its an excellent base to work from.

I want to help others as I also discover and travel along this entrepreneur journey of self publishing so like I said please feel free to download my business plan template here.

My next post will be within the next few days I promise 🙂

Until then





Today I want to go back to explaining my vision and why I wrote and illustrated “Around the world Adventures of Max & Jack”.


My vision since I was a young girl was that if people knew more about other people from different countries, cultures, religions and races, the world would be a better place through better understanding of one another. That is where i got the idea of creating the series “Around the World Adventures of Max and Jack”.

Children are the future of the world and values they will carry for life are usually imbedded in their minds during childhood. If children of the world read Max and Jack and follow their adventures hopefully acceptance of other people will be imbedded in their minds for life. And hopefully the world will be a better place for all in the future.

Im sure if you hear or watch the news no matter what country your in, you witness the acts of discrimination which I know when I see them think to myself “Why be so horrible after all you are just as different to them as they are to you”. Something really needs to happen about this we all need to get along no matter what race we are, what beliefs we have, who we choose to love, after all we all share this planet we call Earth.

No wonder Aliens ( if they by chance exist which I don’t think they do ) don’t want to make contact with us if they saw how we treated our own kind for being different, how would we treat any other race.

Our kids see this brutal and unfair behaviour and grow up thinking its normal THIS HAS GOT TO CHANGE NOW. And this is why I want Max & Jack to be read by as many children in the world as possible.

“Around the world adventures of Max & Jack” will eventually be a 42 book series with 5 available now and is directed at Australian grade 3 (age 9) and above which in Australia is when children start learning about other countries in the world, what better way to tell them than with my books.


I am currently in the proceeds of trying to get the books reviewed to help the books become noticed and so that I may eventually have the books readily available in print as well.

Thats all for today. Have a great day




Hey all!

Today Im going to share what Ive done so far in my online self publishing journey to take my series “Around the world adventures of Max and Jack” to the world.

# Published 5 books onto Amazon Kindle here

# Made first book “FRANCE” available free via Smashwords here

# Created Facebook page here

# Created Blog (here your reading it 🙂  )

# Created twitter account here

# Created LinkedIn account here

# Made second book “JAPAN” available on the Kindle KDP Select program for 90 days here

This is obviously only the start and there is lots more to do and implement, one thing I know I need to do next is do a bit of research of what websites can make the book available for people to review, as one thing I know from the research and learning I’ve done so far is that user reviews are an essential part of online marketing.

Tomorrows post will go into that a bit more so happy research and studying for me 🙂


P.S. Any comments are appreciated if you have anything to share or ask



Hey all!

Today I’m going to talk about goals as they are really important to set in order to get anywhere. They help us stay focussed and work harder. I have done some goal setting of my own today. I have done mine in the form of a brain storm for you to look at and perhaps use as inspiration in your own goal setting.

As the quote says above “YOUR GOALS ARE THE ROAD MAPS THAT GUIDE YOU AND SHOW YOU WHAT IS POSSIBLE FOR YOUR LIFE.” This is so true because we can all sit there and dream about being multimillionaires or saving the world, but unless we put that down into goal form my breaking each step down into achievable bite size goals then what we want to achieve is just a dream.

To be honest I loved sitting down and thinking about what I wanted to achieve it gave me visions of where Id like my life to be and got me rather excited about moving forward, and the other thing thats great about setting and writing down our goals as that we can constantly look at what we have compiled and get that feeling every time which in turn motivates us.

In short: Goal setting is a powerful process for thinking about your ideal future, and for motivating yourself to turn your vision of this future into reality. The process of setting goals helps you choose where you want to go in life.


In all my research about goal setting I came across the S.M.A.R.T Goal setting which to me is simply the best way to set achievable goals. Below I will explain more about the SMART system and use a goal of mine as an example.

S. SPECIFIC – WHAT, WHERE AND HOW? A specific goal is distinct & defines as much of the goal as possible and contains no ambiguous language (e.g. I want to earn at least $2500 AUD per week)

M. MEASURABLE – FROM AND TO. A measurement gives feedback and let’s one know when the goal is complete (e.g. two months from now I would like to reach my goal)

A. ASSIGNABLE – WHO? Goals must be assignable to individuals or groups. (e.g. I myself am responsible for achieving this goal)

R. REALISTIC – FEASIBLE? Realistic goals are challenging yet attainable within the given timeframe (e.g. The goal I have set is within reach and realistic)

T. TIME-BASED – WHEN? Time frame must be aggressive yet realistic (e.g. two months from now I would like to reach my goal)

Well thats enough for today.

hoped you enjoyed the read and this information may come helpful to you.



G’Day all.

Yesterday I did some research into what ebook stores are out there to get the maximum reach with my books by aiming to have them available in every store so that no matter what the ebook device people have access to my books. I came across this excellent post.

20 Websites To Sell Your EBook


Then wrote most of them down and created a checklist for myself (as I absolutely love working with checklists).

I already have my books on Kindle here and my aim over the next few days will be to put a tick in the box of all the ebook stores I listed (which I’ve listed below)

# Payhip

# Lulu

# Kobo writing life


# BookTango

# myEbook

# Blurb

# Scribd

# eBookMall

# Tradebit

# Instabuck


# Kindle

There are obviously more than this but will do more research.

Well thats all for today folks.

Happy publishing