G’Day all.

Well let me just start this post by saying I’m loving the life and journey as an Entrepreneur and I strongly feel it’s only going to get better 🙂

As I stated in my last blog post  BOOST EBOOK SALES WITH SLIDESHARE, I have successfully brainstormed and drawn up the story board which will be my slide share used to promote Around the world adventures of Max & Jack and the cause and goal behind my book series.

I have also been busy putting together and creating a Go Fund Me Campaign to help raise enough money for the upcoming costs I will have to incur in order to see my series succeed.

Come check out my campaign and donate here


I will add one bit of advise if you also plan on creating a Go Fund Me campaign, is really be as thorough in the description of your campaign as possible, I say this as I was thinking to myself whilst drafting my campaign “would I donate to this?” as we all know people don’t normally throw money away willy nilly they want to know as much as possible before handing over ‘the dosh’.

Ive pretty much described everything I hope to achieve with my eBook series as well as adding a breakdown of what I need the funds for.

FINGERS CROSSED that I can start obtaining the required funds soon so that I can get the last bits and pieces in place to make ‘Around the world adventures of Max & Jack’ successful.


Ciao for now

Happy publishing 🙂

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