Necessary changes to blog and campaign using fiverr

I conducted some research and came around this awesome sight called fiverr, many of you may know and possibly use this sight already. It’s awesome! There are thousands of people willing to do jobs you request (gigs) for just five dollars. For example if you need a website overview by someone random simply search gigs available pick which one you like pay $5 and get the gig delivered to your email address.

I did this for my blog website and the person that reviewed mine gave me a lot of helpful advise to help make my website more reachable and appealing.


Another helpful hint that he gave me is when I’m advertising my books, rather than just posting a picture I’ve created for the cover, that I should turn it into a 3d book cover to look more intriguing to potential customers. Again he suggested that I get it done using fiverr but little creative old me decided to learn how to do it myself and it was surprisingly easy.

I found an awesome tutorial on YouTube that shows you exactly what to do

How to Make an Excellent 3D Book Cover in Photoshop

And here’s the difference – effective huh

coverFRANCE 3D

I’ve also done a little housecleaning and organising of my blog just to make it easier to access and added a page about me the author.

That’s all for today folks

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