satisfaction survey

G’Day all,

Sorry again for the delay I will try my best not to let this keep happening.

Well for the past few days I have been researching for people that conduct free reviews of eBooks and was quite blown away with what I found I have started with this site that I found which listed at least 80 different people that have offered to do free reviews. You can find that website here.

I then created a checklist ( as a I really love checklists hehe ) which you can download a template for here. The list pretty much leaves room to fill in

# Name of reviewer

# Contact info (email or twitter name)

# Date contacted

# Yes/ No (are they going to review)

# Date review posted

I then contacted them by adding a cover letter explaining more about the book and my cause for the book as well as sending them pdf and mobi versions of the book.


I also want to take this chance for anyone else to review my book by perhaps maybe putting the review on your blog or my twitter @3mily_86 or my facebook page here.

My next plan of action is to find and start a FREE online marketing course so that I can get all the help I can to start selling my books as what Im doing so far doesn’t seem to be working.

Well thats all folks


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