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Todays post is about my next “to do task” to try and boost sales of my eBook series ‘around the world adventures of Max & Jack’ which can be found here.


I have been doing some research after posting my reading of ‘Max and Jack France‘ video on youtube, and Ive come across another way to help advertise using slide share (the following paragraphs explaining SlideShare come from their about page)

What is SlideShare?

SlideShare began with a simple goal: To share knowledge online. Since then, SlideShare has grown to become the world’s largest community for sharing presentations and other professional content.

SlideShare was founded in October 2006 and acquired by LinkedIn in May 2012. It allows users to easily upload and share presentations, infographics, documents, videos, PDFs, and webinars. In Q4 of 2013, the site averaged 60 million unique visitors a month and 215 million page views. SlideShare is among the top 120 most-visited websites in the world.

Discover and Learn

SlideShare consists of more than 15 million uploads from individuals and organizations on topics ranging from technology and business to travel, health, and education. Find and search for what interests you, and learn from people like Guy Kawasaki, theWhite House, Mashable and more. You can also download SlideShares to read or reference later (See more top SlideShare authors), or visit to see online training videos.

Share and Connect

Share the content that matters to you with your colleagues, customers, friends and followers. SlideShares can be embedded into websites and blogs, and are easily shareable on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and other popular social media platforms. They can be viewed publicly and privately. Connect with other SlideShare users via comments, “likes,” and profile pages.


Have an idea, story, research project, presentation, photo collection or expert knowledge on a topic? Upload it and reach a wide audience! Here are more ideas for what to upload on SlideShare.



My vision since I was a young girl was that if people knew more about other people from different countries, cultures, religions and races, the world would be a better place through better understanding of one another. That is where I got the idea of creating the 46 book series “Around the World Adventures of Max and Jack”.

Children are the future of the world and values they will carry for life are usually imbedded in their minds during childhood. If children of the world read Max and Jack and follow their adventures hopefully acceptance of other people will be imbedded in their minds for life. And hopefully the world will be a better place for all in the future.


My plan is to create and share the slide share for parents of young children to find, in the hopes that they will want to also encourage acceptance and therefore get their children to follow Max and Jack, as the whole point of my series ‘Around the world adventures of Max & Jack’ is to teach kids acceptance in a fun and educational way as well as being able to travel the world without leaving their home.

I also hope that it will help me in my goal to see this series in worldwide school curriculums.

I found a really great article that I would like to share with you as i also plan to use the information provided in helping me brainstorm and design my slide share.

17 Tips for Creating a SlideShare to Boost Your Ebook Sales

This post is written by a lady called Gay Merrill, it is an excellent post she covers important things to consider when putting together a slide share and she also adds a bit of humour to it as well which I thought was great.

Well thats it for today I’m of to start putting my slide share together.




Hey all,

Todays post is about using Youtube to advertise eBooks. I came to the conclusion that most kids and even adults are constantly watching videos on you tube, either directly from the youtube channel or app but also through videos on FaceBook linking them to youtube.

YouTube is the best video-sharing system which people can locate online, and the brilliant part is that you can upload any kind of video for free and acquire more popularity and traffic to your book sales page.

So with this in mind I decided to create a video of a reading of the first book in my series ‘Around the world adventures of Max & Jack FRANCE’ which can be downloaded free here or find the other books for sale here.

Here is the video I created, and it was so simple I used a voice recorder app on my iPhone 5s called Audio memos, and used Wondershare video editor app on my macBook pro.

Hope you enjoy it too and feel free to share the love and the video 🙂

Stay tuned for my next post in the next few days about my next tactic SLIDESHARE.

Ciao for now.


Necessary changes to blog and campaign using fiverr

I conducted some research and came around this awesome sight called fiverr, many of you may know and possibly use this sight already. It’s awesome! There are thousands of people willing to do jobs you request (gigs) for just five dollars. For example if you need a website overview by someone random simply search gigs available pick which one you like pay $5 and get the gig delivered to your email address.

I did this for my blog website and the person that reviewed mine gave me a lot of helpful advise to help make my website more reachable and appealing.


Another helpful hint that he gave me is when I’m advertising my books, rather than just posting a picture I’ve created for the cover, that I should turn it into a 3d book cover to look more intriguing to potential customers. Again he suggested that I get it done using fiverr but little creative old me decided to learn how to do it myself and it was surprisingly easy.

I found an awesome tutorial on YouTube that shows you exactly what to do

How to Make an Excellent 3D Book Cover in Photoshop

And here’s the difference – effective huh

coverFRANCE 3D

I’ve also done a little housecleaning and organising of my blog just to make it easier to access and added a page about me the author.

That’s all for today folks


satisfaction survey

G’Day all,

Sorry again for the delay I will try my best not to let this keep happening.

Well for the past few days I have been researching for people that conduct free reviews of eBooks and was quite blown away with what I found I have started with this site that I found which listed at least 80 different people that have offered to do free reviews. You can find that website here.

I then created a checklist ( as a I really love checklists hehe ) which you can download a template for here. The list pretty much leaves room to fill in

# Name of reviewer

# Contact info (email or twitter name)

# Date contacted

# Yes/ No (are they going to review)

# Date review posted

I then contacted them by adding a cover letter explaining more about the book and my cause for the book as well as sending them pdf and mobi versions of the book.


I also want to take this chance for anyone else to review my book by perhaps maybe putting the review on your blog or my twitter @3mily_86 or my facebook page here.

My next plan of action is to find and start a FREE online marketing course so that I can get all the help I can to start selling my books as what Im doing so far doesn’t seem to be working.

Well thats all folks