Hey all,

Sorry I haven’t posted for over a week but Im here now, in case you haven’t guessed I absolutely love minions, so I decided to draw up a mix of two things I love ‘minions’ and Max & Jack. I thought they would help in the Marketing campaign of my books and to be honest any excuse to draw is good by me :).

In the past week I have also been working on my Business and Marketing Plan which as of 8am this morning after waking up at 5:30am and consuming 2 coffees I finished typing up. What I have also done is created a BUSINESS PLAN TEMPLATE for you to download with no strings attached so that you may use it to get a clearer picture of where you are heading with your own self publishing journey or any other business you may be starting or thinking of starting.

In all honestly preparing my business plan gave me a chance to really think clearly about what I want with my books and allowed me to set specific goals, and whenever I am feeling a lack of inspiration or motivation I now simply just have to re-read my business plan to get the spark back again.

My business plan is bound to change or “upgrade” as i start achieving some of the goals I have set for myself, but its an excellent base to work from.

I want to help others as I also discover and travel along this entrepreneur journey of self publishing so like I said please feel free to download my business plan template here.

My next post will be within the next few days I promise 🙂

Until then


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