Hey all!

Today Im going to share what Ive done so far in my online self publishing journey to take my series “Around the world adventures of Max and Jack” to the world.

# Published 5 books onto Amazon Kindle here

# Made first book “FRANCE” available free via Smashwords here

# Created Facebook page here

# Created Blog (here your reading it 🙂  )

# Created twitter account here

# Created LinkedIn account here

# Made second book “JAPAN” available on the Kindle KDP Select program for 90 days here

This is obviously only the start and there is lots more to do and implement, one thing I know I need to do next is do a bit of research of what websites can make the book available for people to review, as one thing I know from the research and learning I’ve done so far is that user reviews are an essential part of online marketing.

Tomorrows post will go into that a bit more so happy research and studying for me 🙂


P.S. Any comments are appreciated if you have anything to share or ask

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