Hey all!

Today I’m going to talk about goals as they are really important to set in order to get anywhere. They help us stay focussed and work harder. I have done some goal setting of my own today. I have done mine in the form of a brain storm for you to look at and perhaps use as inspiration in your own goal setting.

As the quote says above “YOUR GOALS ARE THE ROAD MAPS THAT GUIDE YOU AND SHOW YOU WHAT IS POSSIBLE FOR YOUR LIFE.” This is so true because we can all sit there and dream about being multimillionaires or saving the world, but unless we put that down into goal form my breaking each step down into achievable bite size goals then what we want to achieve is just a dream.

To be honest I loved sitting down and thinking about what I wanted to achieve it gave me visions of where Id like my life to be and got me rather excited about moving forward, and the other thing thats great about setting and writing down our goals as that we can constantly look at what we have compiled and get that feeling every time which in turn motivates us.

In short: Goal setting is a powerful process for thinking about your ideal future, and for motivating yourself to turn your vision of this future into reality. The process of setting goals helps you choose where you want to go in life.


In all my research about goal setting I came across the S.M.A.R.T Goal setting which to me is simply the best way to set achievable goals. Below I will explain more about the SMART system and use a goal of mine as an example.

S. SPECIFIC – WHAT, WHERE AND HOW? A specific goal is distinct & defines as much of the goal as possible and contains no ambiguous language (e.g. I want to earn at least $2500 AUD per week)

M. MEASURABLE – FROM AND TO. A measurement gives feedback and let’s one know when the goal is complete (e.g. two months from now I would like to reach my goal)

A. ASSIGNABLE – WHO? Goals must be assignable to individuals or groups. (e.g. I myself am responsible for achieving this goal)

R. REALISTIC – FEASIBLE? Realistic goals are challenging yet attainable within the given timeframe (e.g. The goal I have set is within reach and realistic)

T. TIME-BASED – WHEN? Time frame must be aggressive yet realistic (e.g. two months from now I would like to reach my goal)

Well thats enough for today.

hoped you enjoyed the read and this information may come helpful to you.


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