G’Day all.

Yesterday I did some research into what ebook stores are out there to get the maximum reach with my books by aiming to have them available in every store so that no matter what the ebook device people have access to my books. I came across this excellent post.

20 Websites To Sell Your EBook


Then wrote most of them down and created a checklist for myself (as I absolutely love working with checklists).

I already have my books on Kindle here and my aim over the next few days will be to put a tick in the box of all the ebook stores I listed (which I’ve listed below)

# Payhip

# Lulu

# Kobo writing life


# BookTango

# myEbook

# Blurb

# Scribd

# eBookMall

# Tradebit

# Instabuck


# Kindle

There are obviously more than this but will do more research.

Well thats all for today folks.

Happy publishing

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