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Yesterday I did some research into what ebook stores are out there to get the maximum reach with my books by aiming to have them available in every store so that no matter what the ebook device people have access to my books. I came across this excellent post.

20 Websites To Sell Your EBook


Then wrote most of them down and created a checklist for myself (as I absolutely love working with checklists).

I already have my books on Kindle here and my aim over the next few days will be to put a tick in the box of all the ebook stores I listed (which I’ve listed below)

# Payhip

# Lulu

# Kobo writing life


# BookTango

# myEbook

# Blurb

# Scribd

# eBookMall

# Tradebit

# Instabuck


# Kindle

There are obviously more than this but will do more research.

Well thats all for today folks.

Happy publishing


G’Day all,

In todays post I would like to explain a bit more about Max and Jack and where the idea of the series came from.

It was 2003, I was is year 11 in high school sitting my english exam and had finished with roughly 1/2 an hour to spare. Im not sure to this day what urged me to do this but I just started sketching the first rough images of a boy named Max and a dog named Jack. I must admit I was pretty happy with myself until at the end of the exam when the teacher collected my paper and told me there and then that my paper was disqualified because I had drawn on it. I sat there upset until she walked of with my paper when something prompted me to say “can I at least tear of the page I drew on to keep?” which she then let me do YAY 🙂

A few months later whilst decluttering my bedroom I found my drawing, sat on my bed and pondered at it and from there the idea started to rush into my head about a children’s book featuring them. But not just any old children’s book it had to teach something and mean something and thats where ‘Around the world adventures of Max & Jack’ was born. From there came my vision.



My vision since I was a young girl was that if people knew more about other people from different countries, cultures, religions and races, the world would be a better place through better understanding of one another.

Children are the future of the world and values they will carry for life are usually imbedded in their minds during childhood. So If children of the world read Max and Jack and follow their adventures hopefully acceptance of other people will be imbedded in their minds for life. And hopefully the world will be a better place for all in the future.


Hello and welcome to my blog, before i start I want to first of all thank you for taking the time to discover and read my blog.

My name is Emily Overton and Im from Perth, Western Australia. The basis of this blog I am starting is that I have Authored and Illustrated a children’s book series titled “Around the world adventures of Max & Jack” there will be 42 books in the series and so far 5 have been completed and are available on the amazon kindle store. My blog will be my online diary/journal as I venture into the world of online publishing and marketing which I’m a complete newbie at :).

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Why write this all online for people to see? you might ask! well I know that by starting this blog it will help to push me and hopefully i can be of some help to those out there that read my blog and are in the same shoes as me (blue and white reeboks :))

Again thanks for reading

Ciao  xx